Julie Kurris is a performer and music-theatermaker based in Amsterdam. She studied drama at KASK in Ghent and did her master musictheater at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in collaboration with the Veenfabriek. Within her art she is looking to implement her daily engagement in a playful way, using a mixture of music, performance and image. To do this she looks for collaborations to mix her knowledge with her co-creators into interdisciplinary realms. She worked with Dodó Kis (flute), Liesbeth Vreeburg (harp), Gerjan Piksen (composer), Lucas Wiegerink (composer), Madelyn Bullard (dancer), Amber Rijcken (Illustrator) and more.

Currently Julie is expanding her knowledge by studying a master in cultural and social anthropology. The overlap of academic research implemented in society are a new exploration field to adopt in her artistic work. In this way she wants to expand her engagement towards the climate crisis, feminism and social injustice. She is advising other makers in their work with literature and knowledge, fe. for Tamar Blom.
Her first project in her study is to find a way to support a group of indigenous women to buy their own organic coffee plantation. More info: http://www.loscomalestierra.com

Apart from making her own art she is an interdisciplinary performer, both in music as in theater. She performs texts in a musical way or uses her body to dive in abstraction. She was playing as a child in de Kopergietery in Gent, performed for Simon De Vos, Frans van der Aa, Paul Koek, Huba De Graaff, Karlijn Hamer ea. She performed nationally and internationally (Japan, Canada, Spain)